And why it will make all the difference in your writing career

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In yoga there’s a concept called Beginner’s Mind based on the view that yoga is a “practice” not a destination. We’re always learning, even when we already know the steps and movements. How many times has the average person done a downward dog or child’s pose? Lots. But each time…

And why those striving for greatness should give it a try

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One night several years ago, I attended a yoga class I’d been to many times before. Only this time a substitute had replaced the regular teacher. She moved around the room in the darkness, silently correcting body postures and giving encouragement. She seemed calm and constrained — less like she…

Why getting to ‘The End’ is essential, even if your writing never sees the light of day

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of articles encouraging writers not to finish posts they’re not excited about, ditching their crappy NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) novels, and writing only when they feel the joy of it. I agree that sometimes you have to know when to cut your losses and…

How consuming media in all of its forms can make you a better writer

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I often hear productivity experts talk about the importance of giving up TV and gaming and other frivolous time wasters in order to create more content and use time more effectively. I understand the value of data and real-life experience via non-fiction and podcasts and self-help. I actually enjoy reading…

Emma Boone

Publisher and indie author sharing thoughts about writing, wellness, and productivity. MA in Literature and lover of pop culture.

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